Trees. Flowers. Mountains. Bend in road. Clamoring. Horses and men coming. Weapons and armour. Sweat. Recognition. Hatred. Fear. Fleeing. They follow. Off the path. Between the cedars. She trips. She cries out. Look back. Anguish. Dismounting horses. Blades shimmering. Sister bleeding. Hunters. Broken leg. Tears. Running away.

Running. More trees. Judging trees. They know. A stream. Jumping. Wet and cold. Slippery rocks. Soft moss. Leaves again. More trees. Legs tired. Heart broken. Burning joints. Raspy breath. Shouting behind. Trees still judging. Regret. Trees too dense. Grounded.

A clearing. Massive cliff. Stare down at valley. Men close. More shouting. Anger and hate. Jumping. Wind ripping. Spread wings. Falling. Flapping wings. Out of breath. Falling faster. Wings catch. Flying. Far above. Crisp air. Tree tops. Small birds join. Tears rain down.

Flap. Glide. Flap. Glide. Feathers hold. Light on wings. Concentration. Her. Healing. Sister. Focus. Tuck wings. Summon. Falling. Her. Focus. Exhaustion. Hard to open wings. Burst of light. Thunderclap. She is here. Beautiful face. Sharp eyes. White wings. Flying with me. Together.

Questions. Explanations. Dancing through air. Happiness. Diving. Spinning. Climbing higher. Arms crossed. Legs straight. Hair blowing. Wings strong and fast. Out of range. Safe. Clouds. Rest. Climbing. Wings folded. Light everywhere. Burrowing. Climbing. Surface. Rest. Laying down. Breath comes back. Bright sunlight. Safety. Peace. Smiles. Laughing.