Welcome to Barovia's first annual Holiday Party! As your benevolent host, I will be providing you with a series of mirthful challenges to entertain myself and my thralls.

I bestow upon each of you one gift-wrapped present before you begin, which you are free to spend at the Holiday Gift Shop. After each wave, you will be rewarded for your efforts with additional presents, which you may also spend or save for later. For the cost of one present, you may give some of your remaining presents to a friend. Remember, you are here for my entertainment, but as such I may graciously bestow additional presents if I'm impressed with your performance.

I hope you enjoy your stay, but remember: the only way out is through.

Wave I

First snowflakes fall, tiny mischief-makers and their overzealous snowball champion await with a surprise gift-wrapped in chaos.

3 candy canes for each survivor.

Wave II

Jingle bones, jingle bones, jingle all the way! Clattering dancers and their lead conductor invite you to a bone-chilling ballad.

5 crumbling cookies for each survivor.

Wave III

A monstrous, ancient yuletide log thaws from the winter frost, bringing with it a festive friend hungry for more than just holiday leftovers.

7 cups of eggnog for each survivor.

Wave IV

In a tower lined with twinkling lights, a master of magical delights prepares a spellbinding surprise that's not on the usual wish list.

9 gingerbread men for each survivor.

Wave V

Two little helpers with appetites for thought join the grand feast, led by a host with a love for mind games.

11 snow globes for each survivor.

Wave VI

A blizzard's howl heralds the arrival of a sparkling, scaled behemoth with a breath colder than the winter wind.

Survive, and a special gift shall be yours.

Holiday Gift Shop

Welcome to the gift shop! You may freely exchange presents for equipment between waves. There are no refunds and only one of each item is available. Your understanding is commanded, but also appreciated.

1 Present

  • Alchemist's Fire
  • Cloak of Billowing
  • Glaive
  • Holy Symbol
  • Orb of Shielding, Necrotic
  • Padded Armor
  • Rapier
  • Scale Mail
  • Warhorse

3 Presents

  • +1 Spear
  • Adamantine Plate
  • Cloak of Protection
  • Eldritch Claw Tattoo
  • Immovable Rod
  • Longbow of Warning
  • Potion of Hill Giant Strength
  • Ring of Jumping
  • Sentinel Shield
  • Wand of Magic Missiles

6 Presents

  • Amulet of Health
  • Bracers of Defense
  • Dragon Slayer Longsword
  • Elven Chain
  • Ghost Lantern
  • Laser Pistol
  • Potion of Healing, Superior
  • Ring of Free Action
  • Wand of Fireballs

9 Presents

  • Antimatter Rifle
  • Arcane Grimorie, +3
  • Cloak of Arachnida
  • Dancing Greatsword
  • Demon Armor
  • Potion of Healing, Supreme
  • Ring of Telekinesis

12 Presents

  • Armor of Invulnerability
  • Horn of Beckoning Death
  • Potion of Dragon's Majesty
  • Ring of One Wish
  • Sovereign Glue, Fast Drying
  • Sphere of Annihilation
  • Vorpal Scimitar