So, we were done with the Netherese Tower, which was weird but cool, and we headed back up to the surface. And remembered oh! Tonk the Chonk is with us, the cutest sled dog ever! Someone suggested eating him later, it was horrible.

Okay, this might sound crazy, but I had this dreamy daydream about these shiny plants and this gorgeous centaur named Ceril from Lathander, the Morning Wood Lord. He said I was special (of course) and that the Frost Maiden, Orille, was up to no good. But gods can't just jump in and fix things, so it’s up to us. Luckily, we're on the right track. Also, I can now shoot sunlight from my face! How cool is that?

We were trying to get to this place called Caer-Dineval. Maybe we'd been there before or something? On our way, we found this big Stonehenge-y thing with these big chairs and creepy black birds. It made me think of frost giants. Did you know they had a big war with dwarves like 100 years ago? They like their god a lot. I like mine too, so much in common.

Inside, there was this big room with a giant door and these urns with runes – Death, Mountain, War, and stuff. And there was this poem on the wall that was super puzzling. Belasco and Gog messed around putting some things in the urns – I picked the lock on the gate with my magical powers.

In the next room, I turned a golden key kind of on accident, and was suddenly back outside, but with ghostly giants. They didn't want my gift and a huge skeleton popped out of the ground! Gog and Belasco apparently saw it all through a magic window. I zapped the skeleton with my new sunlight power. Then I was back in the room.

Meanwhile, Belasco had a tough fight with a real giant. He died at least once, maybe twice, there was blood all over the place. Gog and I had to help him out. In the end, he killed the giant with a huge log. No idea where he was keeping that. We got a nice loud horn out of it at least.

After a nap, we found a ship stuck in the snow and ice, called the Dark Dutchess. Ice is water, so this didn't seem unusual to me. We read about Captain Bluemoon and Luskan in an old journal. And then, an ice troll and kobolds attacked us. We handled it. I also got a nice hat.

Downstairs there was a ton of loot. Almost like a hoard. But guess what? That white dragon we met earlier showed up. He was so not happy, not sure exactly why, maybe he wanted the treasure too. He picked up the whole ship and flew away with us inside. We were like, in space probably, and then he dropped us into the lake. Thank goodness we found a rowboat.

Finally, we got back to the shore, and there were Tonk and Gunnar, waiting for us. We made it to Caer-Dineval! What a wild ride!