Dzann is a wizard who found the tower, though someone said he kind of sucked at his job. And then The Children killed him in Bryn Shander. The Frost Maiden apparently has a lot of children.

Also, Dzann was a Red Wizard and worked for someone named Lord Tam. Pretty sneaky having two jobs at once. He knew about this Netherese tower and killed some locals in Cairn Konig. There's this journal from someone named Asterstes, and Dzann was not nice to her - something about that owlbear we found.

We found another Dzann and a dead (but not really) knight in the Netherese tower. Who knows how many more Dzann's there are, could be dozens.

Velyne Harpel

Velyne is super into dead stuff and flying on disks. She's old with white hair and has an owl. She's on a quest for old Netherese things that have to do with Ythryn, a Netherese city. Makes sense. She sent us a letter saying she'd give us money to check out a tower. I guess we're part of her quest too.


Avarice is this tiefling who's part of the Arcane Brotherhood club, like Velyne. She's on a hunt for Netherese stuff too, with her buddy Snake Plisskin. We found a note from her on some adventurers in the tower. I think she wanted them to check the place out. It's really too bad they're dead, they seemed nice.

Rime of the Frost Maiden

I had a day dream where the Morning Lord told me that Orille (related to the Frost Maiden) is making everything dark with magic and the Netherese are helping her. There's this spell, "Candle Sill of White" that can save the world. No idea how to use it, probably Netherese too though.

Netherese Tower

I remembered something about an old, spacey tower near Lonelywood and Luskan. Turns out tower is near Bryn Shander and also close to the Spiny Wood Copse where we found that owlbear.

When we got there, the tower looked super weird, like it was built upside down. Belasco thought it crashed, but that doesn't make sense. It's a tower.

Gunnar found some magic books that vibed with the tower, might be important. Plus, there were these space bear things in tubes. They weren't having a good time. I took one's head just in case. First wizards and now space bears.

Ythryn - Netherese City

So, there were these flying cities the Netherese made. Ythryn is one of these that had a little accident and is now connected to the Frost Maiden's curse. It's chilling on the Rheged Glacier. Dzann used his smarty-pants math to figure out where Ythryn might be and drew us a map. Then he died.

All together

We have a map to Ythryn, better check it out and look for the Candle Sill of White. Also more space bears and Dzanns, I bet. Avarice probably wants to stop us, and Velyne probably has a lot of money.