This is a D&D character background for the Rime of the Frost Maiden campaign.


Hellin is a loner, finding herself in Ten Towns to escape the hustle and bustle of the southern regions. Her travels have taken her further and further north over time and built her experience as a warrior in recent years. She's taken up mercenary and guard work to pay the bills and doesn't mind the danger or drudgery, finding combat and suffering through scrapes comes naturally to her. Lately, she's taken to guarding docks in the lake towns, moving along before the dock hands and sailors get too familiar. She respects her comrades but doesn't get too close, knowing that she'll be moving on soon.

Nonetheless, she's earned a reputation for being reliable, as well as willing to weather the elements, tend to others' wounds, and face down just about anyone or anything when necessary. She's admittedly not the strongest or the most clever, but when it comes time to fight, her agility and fortitude see her through.

The only reminders of her past are an angry doll and book on Northern Myths that makes vague allusions to danger when night overtakes the day. This seems to line up with what's been happening lately; the sun hasn't set or risen for years, and it's made her increasingly uneasy. Curses and magic are for someone else to figure out, but she's able and willing to play a part to defend the region if it comes to that. Ten Towns has grown into a home for her, an unusual sweet spot where she's learned the local customs to blend in and able to move along to a similar location when she's ready. A place where she can be an outsider and insider at the same time.

Angry Doll Northern Myths
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