This is a D&D campaign summary of our first session of the Rime of the Frost Maiden campaign.


Bryn Shander is our current home in the frozen wastes of Ten Towns. We've been hired on as contractors supporting the local militia and have been picking up odd jobs around town.


Sheriff Southwell has been our contact point for work. We hear from a messenger there's new job available and head over to the sheriff's office to get the details.


We're told that a group of dwarves from Kelvin's Cairn are in need of help; they've lost a member of their group to a yeti along with a shipment of ingots. They offer some gems as payment and we agree to help after some antagonizing on our part and pouting on their part.


We have an idea of where to start and head out of town. Our intrepid ranger, Belasco the Hunter, is able to lead the party through the tundra with ease. His expansive knowledge of the terrain makes our progress towards the area of the attack faster than expected.


Some time into the journey, we spot a frozen waterfall in the distance. Deadly icicles loom from overhangs above.


Our stalwart fighter, Hellin, can't resist the urge to collect an icicle for a snack and narrowly avoids being impaled by falling icicles. The loud crash of ice and snow draws the attention of someone or something nearby.


An ice witch named Vellynne Harpell appears, flying on a magical disk. Despite a wide array of reactions from the party, we're able to exchange travel information and learn the location of a nearby dwarven body. This might be who we're looking for.


We find the body of Oog, the missing dwarf. The yeti is nowhere to be seen, but there are snowshoe and sled tracks leading away from the scene. Meanwhile, a blizzard begins to roll in and visibility drops. We have only a short time to search for the ingots before we'll be forced to turn back.


We continue to trudge through the snow following the tracks. Our battle-hardened war mage, Gunnar Bjornson, spots a tell-tale sign of orc activity and hurls firebolts at the shadows in the storm. The party is ready for a fight, but it never arrives.


Some ways further, we find an orc war wagon pulled by polar bears but seemingly no orcs. While we deliberate on what to do next, the orcs spring their ambush. A ferocious battle ensues. One orc is incinerated by Gunnar's cone of fire, another is cut clean in half by Hellin's sword. Gunnar takes a vicious blow from an orc's axe but remains standing.


Despite Belasco's attempts, the polar bears enter the fight. Our sagacious monk, Gog, pummels one nearly into submission with a flurry of blows. The bear retaliates with a mighty bite and swipe of its claws and Gog hits the snow, unconscious. The rest of the party is able to scare off the bears and stabilize Gog.

We recover the lost ingots and return to Bryn Shander. The dwarves are grateful, the sheriff impressed, and we collect our reward. We hear our next adventure lies in the town of Goodmead, where we hear the speaker has been assassinated by a mead stealing giant.