After we left the sea hags’ crusty old cave, we were off on a frosty treasure hunt, all bundled up and ready to track down an ice troll’s heart and a fancy young man from Neverwinter—like a super cold game of hide and seek!

We wandered through the icy fields with a reindeer hide map (so rustic!), not sure what to expect. The cold was biting, but our spirits were high, even though I was feeling about 70. It was all good until we found this huge blue ice wall blocking the way. I took charge and smashed it to bits with my sword.

After that, there were more shiny ice walls, kind of like a maze — they were so shiny that I may have accidentally blinded everyone when I tried to light it up with my magic. Whoops!

After that Tonk the Chonk came back to us, Gog took the lead, guiding us through the maze to a meadow where frozen figures were chilling. It was like a museum of ice statues, so real it was almost creepy. Gunnar did some thinking about how the statues could have gotten here, and said something about dwarves being good with rocks. I didn't follow, but that's Gunnar for you. There was even a warrior woman knight on a horse, frozen mid-gallop!


Then things got weirder. We spent some time looking around, since we were trying to find a troll and this guy, you know. Instead we found a bunch of trees, some badger holes, and this statue that looked just like Gog's lost brother.

Gunnar stripped down to cast a special anti-curse spell on the frozen guy. It worked, though! It turned out that this guy was Gog's brother, Mahgog. He was as shocked as we were - especially at the nakedness. Gunnar said it was very important for the magic to work. There wasn't much Mahgog could say about before being frozen, just something about frost giants.

I remembered that I was cursed too, since I was so old, so I asked Gunnar to cast that spell again on me, because he was still naked. It worked! I’m back to my youthful, heroic self, thanks to him!

Just as we were catching our breath and putting clothes back on, a huge frost giant popped out of a tree. She demanded to know who we were messing with her stuff and said some other mean things I forgot.


Anyway before we could answer, she turned into a freezing mist and we were suddenly fighting off tons of ice animals with glowing blue eyes. Imagine a wolf and a badger made of ice, oh, and a ice walrus too! Plus some warrior types! Madness!

Gog and Mahgog did some monk-y slicing and arrow shooting, Belasco did some ranger-y arrow shooting and magic, Gunnar threw some little magic rocks and fireballs, and I did some fighter-y stabbing. The walrus also crushed me under its belly for a while, but I escaped with Gunnar's help. It was a real team effort! The Morning Wood Lord toughened me up and let me blast sunlight out of my eyes again, always fun.


Velyne, ever the wanderer, missed all the action but came back with the statue of the noble we were looking for. In the end, those hags held up their end of the bargain and returned Professor Sconse to Velyne, who turned out to be some kind of talking metal head. A row-bot made by gnomes?

Turns out, the angry frost giant was probably none other than the Frostmaiden Orille herself, making an avatar cameo! And guess what? We still have to find that Candle Sill of White. Someone reminded me it's a poem (and magic) hidden somewhere on this snowy island.

What a wild, wintry mix of a day! From blinding light shows to battling ice beasts and stripping down to save friends - it’s all in a day’s work for us adventurers, right? Next time, poem hunting!