Psalm of Selûne

Tonight, the moons illuminate my path, shining light on my sacred journey from the Underdark's depths. The surface world, brimming with untapped potential, beckons me to spread enlightenment. As a humble servant, I am poised to guide these pure-hearted surface dwellers, their beliefs unformed and seeking direction.

This divine opportunity to plant seeds of a benevolent faith, one that honors her in the celestial moonlight, fills my soul with joy. My mission is one of hope, carefully crafted with devotion. I will start with gentle words, mirroring Selûne's radiance, and tenderly guide them toward the Moon Maiden's light.

Patience guides me; haste leads only to missteps. Her benevolence drives me to be a diligent yet cautious harbinger of this new faith. The surface is an unmarked canvas; in time, they will know me as a beacon of her light, a sacred whisper in the temples of the moon.

Her gaze upon me is a call to my destiny—a pilgrimage of faith and unwavering dedication. I shall not waver from this holy path.

As this entry ends, the moons’ light affirms my sacred duty—a duty I embrace wholeheartedly. For now, the surface dwellers remain unaware of the divine light soon to envelop them.

Every whispered truth is a hymn to her grace.

Canticle of Lies

Tonight, the moons mock me with their serene light, a stark contrast to the challenge ahead. My journey has only just begun, a path trod far from the familiar shadows of the Underdark. They say the surface is ripe with opportunity, a playground for one with my talents. Yet, here I stand, a stranger to this world, plotting a course through uncharted waters.

The surface dwellers are naive, their faiths simple and unguarded. It's laughable how ripe they are for the seeds of a new belief, one that will unknowingly sing praises to Her. Their devotion will be the foundation upon which I build my temple, a monument to Her glory, veiled in the light of lesser deities. The irony is delicious.

My plan is a tapestry of deceit — intricate, yes, but woven with a relentless hand. I must start with gentle whispers, echoes of Selûne's soft glow, leading them unwittingly into the spinner's dance. The steps will be subtle, each one carefully chosen, drawing them deeper into the darkness. For some perhaps, when they are ensnared, the true revelation.

Patience is crucial. A rushed plan is a failed one. But the urgency of Her favor presses upon me. I must be swift, yet precise. The surface is a new game board, and I, a player unknown. They will learn my name, in time, as the one who brought them a new faith. But Her name shall remain a secret, whispered only in the most sacred of dark corners. They'll come to trust me, to love me, to spread my teachings further than my voice can carry.

I feel the weight of Her gaze upon me, a demand to prove my worth. This is no game — it is a conquest, a testament to my cunning and devotion. I will not fail Her.

Now the moons’ light seems less mocking, more like a veiled challenge. A challenge I accept with a heart as cold as the depths of my home. Let the surface dwellers bask in their ignorance for now. Soon, they will praise Her name.

Every whispered lie is a hymn to Her glory.